Digital Identity Mentoring

What is Digital Identity Mentoring?

Digital Identity Mentoring is a review your online output to analyse and enhance your organisation’s connection to audiences.

Is flexible, modular package is designed to be a comprehensive and time-efficient way to get your online identity on track.

Who is Digital Identity Mentoring for?

This package is for organisations with stories to tell and audiences to serve. That might be arts, culture, and heritage institutions, charities and nonprofits, or any public-facing organisation with a need to clearly communicate to its community.

You might be a marketing team, content manager, communications lead, head of social media, managing director, or simply anyone with control over your organisation’s online presence.

Why do I need Digital Identity Mentoring?

It can be easy to assume your online presence is serving your audiences well from a snapshot of metrics. But it is very common to see an inconsistent, short-term, and fragmented approach to online content.

Improving how you express your organisation’s identity across your digital platforms can help to capture new, varied, audiences and develop more engaged communities and customers.

How does the mentoring work?

Over a timeline agreed with you, Digital Identity Mentoring aims to look at all audience-facing aspects of your online content and communications and develop a coherent approach which ties those disparate strands together

The package is modular and can include:

  • A FREE discovery kick-off call
  • A comprehensive content and identity review
  • A written content analysis and identity report
  • A content and identity walkthrough call
  • A written recommendations report
  • A recommendations report walkthrough call

You can include some colleagues on the walkthrough calls and the reports are yours to keep and review later.

Why work with me as your digital identity mentor?

Working with organisations ranging from high-profile, high-volume publishers such as the BBC and smaller local or community organisations has given me a unique insight into content practices that I can pass on to you and your team.

My experience has proven to me that identity is a recurring theme which almost always gets lost in the day-to-day process of online publishing.

This package is intended to be a quick, easy, focused programme that cuts out the waffle and gets to the heart of issues that will improve your online practices.

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