Hey Green Raven is your creative production companion across digital, social, animated, and immersive projects.

We help you to devise, develop, and deliver engaging and compelling audience-facing platforms, content, campaigns, and media across the arts and media sectors. To arrange a friendly chat about your needs, just say Hey.


Hey Green Raven is a versatile resource there to help you achieve your creative engagement aims across digital and social platforms.

We can devise projects from a blank page, consult and advise and stratigise on existing endeavours, produce assets and content to support your campaigns, and manage projects with creative oversight and insight.

Your project might be an innovative app or website, an animated explainer or social video, a social media campaign, or even an immersive, interactive experience in augmented or virtual reality. We are here to help get the very best results. You can view selected projects here.

Hey Green Raven are also great collaborators. We play nicely with others and often find the best results come from forming the best team for the task.

About Ian Ravenscroft

Hey Green Raven is run by Ian Ravenscroft, an experienced creative producer based in the orbit of Birmingham and the West Midlands, but working nationally.

Ian brings strong strategic ability and creative skill to every project, drawing on hands-on experience working across digital broadcasting (BBC Three, Channel 4, Nickelodeon), digital content innovation (BBC Digital Guerrillas), film and animation (Dice Productions, Second Home Studios), social strategy and mentoring (UK Sepsis Trust, The Space, Oxford Contemporary Music), and digital and social production (Made Media, fastfwd).