Hey Green Raven is freelance digital creative producer Ian Ravenscroft. To enquire about projects or collaborations, please get in touch.


Hey Green Raven is freelance digital creative producer Ian Ravenscroft. He leads digital projects, develops social media strategies, and produces creative and innovative content and campaigns for organisations in the arts, media, and nonprofit sectors.

Organisations work with Hey Green Raven as a specialist resource to help develop their digital strategy, lead digital development projects, devise social media identities, make great content, manage social campaigns, provide mentoring, and give strategic consultancy. You can view selected projects here.

In short, Hey Green Raven is your creative digital companion, helping you to connect with audiences online. To make an enquiry about working with Hey Green Raven, please get in touch.

About Ian Ravenscroft

Ian Ravenscroft – aka Hey Green Raven – draws on over 10 years of hands-on experience working across digital broadcasting (BBC Three), digital content innovation (BBC Digital Guerrillas), film and animation (Dice Productions), digital agency production (Made Media, fastfwd), and social media (Meshed) to bring strategic knowledge and creative skill to every project.

Through his work, Ian has created award-winning content that has attracted tens of millions of views over a wide range of formats, platforms, technologies, and genres. He likes a challenge and excels when a simple, innovative, and creative solution is required to take your digital experiences, social presence, and online engagement to the next level.

Ian is versatile, creative, organised, experienced and just as comfortable writing a script as he is leading a complex digital project. To find out more about his skills and experience and to make an enquiry about working together, please get in touch.